Saturday, June 25, 2011

White Shorts; Caption 2

What is is dear? You don't like these? You seemed to like the pink ones I'm wearing just fine, I even asked you if you thought this would be inappropriate. You said no and how much you liked them on me. Isn't that right?

But Mistress For real! If I am seen in this I might-- as well be seen in Wicked Weasel suit underneath. I mean you can see my butt cheeks for the love of things. (eris turns to show her mistress) 

(Mistress walks up behind runs something cold up her sissy ass cheek)
Ok if thats the way you feel, you can take them off, or better yet (she reveals the cold object to be a razor is already slicing them down the side) I'll just cut them off, your un-appreciative sissy ass. 
Mistress, no I'm sorry I'll do anything!
Anything? Well you may have to, as you'll be finding your own way home; because bitchy sissies don't deserve a ride with Me. (she turns to leave but after a few steps stops and glaring at the panicking sissy over her shoulder) 
Oh, I hope you have your wallet hidden somewhere in that thong. I told you before we left to use your purse but you thought it'd be too humiliating. Try hitchhiking like that. 
She leaves as eris shivers in the water where she foolishly tries cover up her bulging clit. 

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