Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Re-introduction

Here is a pic of yours truely:

Sorry I've been away for a bit, went through a purge, however not as severe this time. I guess it started with a relationship with a Dom girl or so I thought, however soon it was clear to see that she had little interest in my feminization. I tried it for a while but after some self reflection I had to face what and who I am: a CD bud needing some pruning and strong fertilizer to become the TS Flower. I welcome all help, from females TS's, TG's, CD's, and admirers, anyone who wants to help give me that little push, or message of support along this journey. I'll be posting pics of many TS's whom I admire and who just turn me on, and also will be making some captions. Most of the photos will not be of me, but I will post my progress, probably just so my followers can see. Due to my job I can't reveal my face, unmasked that is. My ultimate goal is to find that perfect mistress, so if you are out there and interested by all means please contact me.

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