Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feminine tan line; So what do you think about this one?

I was trying to find the best suit for a feminine tan line. Only the bottom right now until I am one day hopefully told other wise from a still illusive Mistress of my dreams. Anyway, I digress-- have you any ideas or suggestions? If so please send me or post the pics or the links and I'll make a poll to vote on and which ever one wins is the tan I'll get, and I'll show some proof, as if anyone you who are following along should as well. My feminization is about realism and actuality, I know, I will never have 42 DD's, my goal is the feminine side of androgyny. Yet in matters like this I get to let my fantasies run wild. Since I live in NYC I'll have to find a tanning bed to go to, any recommendations? However if you girls better situated should do as a Mistress once had me to do and get some tan through shorts or some really thin white ones could probably do, and go to a beach, or outside and get the free sun. I wish I had private roof access here in the city and I'd be doing it, probably without the shorts ;) So if any of you live here and want to tan together... let me know; it'd be a first, but I hate paying for a tanning bed; yet it does give me a good opportunity to listen to some feminization hypnosis. Two feminizing birds with one stone, my favorite. Anyway, What do you think about this one?

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