Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The(S)heplacements: What did you think would happen when you kept your...

The(S)heplacements: What did you think would happen when you kept your...: "Alone and bored, with no real supervision..And access to all those feminine clothes in his sisters room... "

Mirror, Mirror

For the past two months my I forbade, erin, my sissy, from seeing herself in a mirror. I told her, "an artist never shows off unfinished work." Which she being an artist understood. She had to have known so much was changing with each day but . I tell you, it wasn't until after the surgery and her breast and face healed that she walked into her bedroom closet and the door with the stand-up mirror swung open, that she really knew that there was no going back. Well, maybe she "knew it" before, but the look in her eyes from the webcam I set to face the mirror really says "I don't wan't to go back."

Eyebrow Waxing at the Salon

I have a group-on for a salon and I've been itching for a new public task to do. I have had my eyebrows waxed at salons twice before the first time I chickened out and let her barely do it, the second time I went "balls out" lol, and they were done very feminine or enough that afterwards I looked in the mirror and said "O shit" As I have been out of practice with my feminization and haven't built up my bravery I though I might try for something more neutral. This is kind of hard to explain and I thought I should bring a picture. Then I made the rules for the picture that it had to be from a passable transexual. This lead me down a course of examining tray eyebrow shapes and the way they change over time, I recommend it to give you some ideas. Anyway I found this one of hazel and I thought this is the "One" What do you think? Any other ideas? If so please post a photo or link. Hmmm now how much to crop...

Wait before buying the inflatable enema!

Guess I didn't need to shout, but I broke my own rule and posted in my excitement about the inflatable enema plug from amazon. The concept is a good one yet there is one big flaw in that there is no control to stop back flow. Little good will an enema plug be if there is a hole in it. I mean it does seem to help a little and feels sexy but for my original purposes it is lacking. However it will find good use as an inflatable butt plug as well, I probably will continue to use it for enemas until I find something better. Why the Pictures? O yeah, I'm sorry I should be punished accordingly that or did I just add the pictures to make sure you'd read this ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

How I got Rid of all MY Male Undies Once and 4 All

Some of you may not like this idea but whatever, I like it and it's my blog:)
I do allot of shopping at American Apparel both in store and online, their prices are reasonable and their clothing feels so good, and also you can find many unisex items to "practically" feminize yourself. But I digress the topic is panties: which I love all the more, by utilizing their panties I have finally been able to get rid of my male underwear, with the exception of their unisex briefs which if I get have to be in feminine colors. But I am not recommending these but instead ones like these, which I have, but even more androgynous but still so sexy. I have one pair they are only $2 now I'm getting more, right at the border of unisex but the material is ultra soft and woman who see you up close will reconogize as panties but most guys won't-- I have five pairs of these, actually I have some on right now. AAP also has ultra feminine ones you should add to your order I have these also and love them. Sorry this was long, but had to represent American Apparel, as their commitment to androgony has let me commit to the next step in my feminization whist still safely going to the gym.

I figured I'd include some ads and also items from my last three shopping experiences, remeber the items can run a bit small if you decide to shop there.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

So I'm going to be busy for a while as I just received the
inflatable enema plug,
from amazon and I plan on getting to work with it. I recommend for all of you getting a coffee enema at least once a week. There are many reasons why, but the best one is the removal of toxins, as the coffee in the upper colon acts as a filter and you must hold it for 15 minutes for a complete filtration of the blood. It is best to use organic coffee I use two teaspoons of Cameron's Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 32-Ounce Bag
, and filtered water. Remember, by all means, let it cool down before using it in your slutty ass. I recommend a really good water filter, like a Burkee filter my ex-Dom had or this one I have Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System
(Only get if you have substantial water pressure or it will be a trickle like I have, but still worth it for me) one that does reverse osmosis or just buy bottled water, yeah I'm kind of a hippie tranny in training. Anyway, besides the cleansing of the blood it also cleanses the colon which is its main purpose. Look up coffee enemas, or ask me for anymore recommendations, HOWER be AWARE I AM NOT A DOCTOR and assume no liability for what I tell you that I do and works for me, please consult your doc before doing anything I ever recommend. Anyway now that that's out of the way I can say for you to Beware for you will have one hell of a caffeine buzz afterwards.
FYI, anything I post is just what I like, have tried and use, nothing more btw I am getting amazon bucks for these links but anything I post like this I have, or someone I know has, any money I make is going only to my feminization, twas the idea of a Female Domme I know, anyway this blog is not about getting money from links I post, just about my feminization but if the two can aid especially until I can find a job that actually pays for more than my schooling... and well, a ever growing panty collection. ;)

White Shorts; Caption 2

What is is dear? You don't like these? You seemed to like the pink ones I'm wearing just fine, I even asked you if you thought this would be inappropriate. You said no and how much you liked them on me. Isn't that right?

But Mistress For real! If I am seen in this I might-- as well be seen in Wicked Weasel suit underneath. I mean you can see my butt cheeks for the love of things. (eris turns to show her mistress) 

(Mistress walks up behind runs something cold up her sissy ass cheek)
Ok if thats the way you feel, you can take them off, or better yet (she reveals the cold object to be a razor is already slicing them down the side) I'll just cut them off, your un-appreciative sissy ass. 
Mistress, no I'm sorry I'll do anything!
Anything? Well you may have to, as you'll be finding your own way home; because bitchy sissies don't deserve a ride with Me. (she turns to leave but after a few steps stops and glaring at the panicking sissy over her shoulder) 
Oh, I hope you have your wallet hidden somewhere in that thong. I told you before we left to use your purse but you thought it'd be too humiliating. Try hitchhiking like that. 
She leaves as eris shivers in the water where she foolishly tries cover up her bulging clit. 

White Shorts; Caption 1

Mistress the white shorts you spoke of to wear as a cover up are-- I mean, I thought were, going to be well... more, um, modest? 

Feminine tan line; So what do you think about this one?

I was trying to find the best suit for a feminine tan line. Only the bottom right now until I am one day hopefully told other wise from a still illusive Mistress of my dreams. Anyway, I digress-- have you any ideas or suggestions? If so please send me or post the pics or the links and I'll make a poll to vote on and which ever one wins is the tan I'll get, and I'll show some proof, as if anyone you who are following along should as well. My feminization is about realism and actuality, I know, I will never have 42 DD's, my goal is the feminine side of androgyny. Yet in matters like this I get to let my fantasies run wild. Since I live in NYC I'll have to find a tanning bed to go to, any recommendations? However if you girls better situated should do as a Mistress once had me to do and get some tan through shorts or some really thin white ones could probably do, and go to a beach, or outside and get the free sun. I wish I had private roof access here in the city and I'd be doing it, probably without the shorts ;) So if any of you live here and want to tan together... let me know; it'd be a first, but I hate paying for a tanning bed; yet it does give me a good opportunity to listen to some feminization hypnosis. Two feminizing birds with one stone, my favorite. Anyway, What do you think about this one?

So True... so true

A Re-introduction

Here is a pic of yours truely:

Sorry I've been away for a bit, went through a purge, however not as severe this time. I guess it started with a relationship with a Dom girl or so I thought, however soon it was clear to see that she had little interest in my feminization. I tried it for a while but after some self reflection I had to face what and who I am: a CD bud needing some pruning and strong fertilizer to become the TS Flower. I welcome all help, from females TS's, TG's, CD's, and admirers, anyone who wants to help give me that little push, or message of support along this journey. I'll be posting pics of many TS's whom I admire and who just turn me on, and also will be making some captions. Most of the photos will not be of me, but I will post my progress, probably just so my followers can see. Due to my job I can't reveal my face, unmasked that is. My ultimate goal is to find that perfect mistress, so if you are out there and interested by all means please contact me.