Monday, June 27, 2011

How I got Rid of all MY Male Undies Once and 4 All

Some of you may not like this idea but whatever, I like it and it's my blog:)
I do allot of shopping at American Apparel both in store and online, their prices are reasonable and their clothing feels so good, and also you can find many unisex items to "practically" feminize yourself. But I digress the topic is panties: which I love all the more, by utilizing their panties I have finally been able to get rid of my male underwear, with the exception of their unisex briefs which if I get have to be in feminine colors. But I am not recommending these but instead ones like these, which I have, but even more androgynous but still so sexy. I have one pair they are only $2 now I'm getting more, right at the border of unisex but the material is ultra soft and woman who see you up close will reconogize as panties but most guys won't-- I have five pairs of these, actually I have some on right now. AAP also has ultra feminine ones you should add to your order I have these also and love them. Sorry this was long, but had to represent American Apparel, as their commitment to androgony has let me commit to the next step in my feminization whist still safely going to the gym.

I figured I'd include some ads and also items from my last three shopping experiences, remeber the items can run a bit small if you decide to shop there.

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