Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tan line Poll closing in two days, please vote and I'll hit the tanning bed with the winner

Help me choose, also there are some actual pictures and nice descriptions of different types here, in case you are interested. This voting is for my tan lines, which ever cut you think will make me look more feminine. I've read and heard many different opinions so I decided to just put it to you to vote, so please do.

Got to love the socks!

I have a white pair and a black pair, one pair of which I bought in the store, along with so many other feminine items, some of which I tried on, I think I was going on too little sleep that time or I had just listened to a hypno file and was ridiculously brave or horny.

American apparel Ads with Captions

We need to get started keep warming up.
Have you found them yet?
No dear, stop worrying about the clothes you wear, haven't you learned anything from yoga, the clothing you wear on the outside doesn't matter, it's how you dress your spirit on the inside that matters.
But what will I wear home?

Last time you were at yoga class you swore you teacher saw your panties when you were doing downward dog, and now today someone stole your clothes before class, yet you instructor was nice enough to loan you some of hers.
It looks like it'll be just us today eric, or should I say eris?
Now spread your legs likea butteryfly spreads her wings, now watch me, um my eyes-

O sorry-
that's better, look into my eyes, and you'll have all the time in the world to look at a beautiful female form soon, but first become the butterfly and feel your legs stretching further and further apart, like mine, further than they've ever been before...

Ok here's you a cab to take you home, I told you there was nothing to worry about.
But my legs, they um feel funny... and um they open on their own each time I sit down.
Yes, I am proud of you you really pushed yourself in the butterfly pose and it seems you may need some time to heal, but I'm sure it'll wear off in a couple of days.
Days? But..
Bye sweet heart, you can keep the clothes. (She shuts the taxi door)

Um yeah this is not the way to my house.
*snap* Sleep.

This one is a male?
*lol* was. I installed the hypnotic triggers whilst we were doing yoga over the past couple of weeks. Ever since I saw his panty line on the first day, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to procure a new um... "assistant"
Is that what you call them now? *laughs* this one can't even close his-
"its" legs
Yes I think the trigger was too strong for such a weak mind, but no matter it serves our purpose well, does it not?

Some More Sexy American Apparel Ads and My shopping List

I figured I'd include somemore ads and also some more items from my last three shopping experiences, remember the items can run a bit small if you decide to shop there.