Friday, June 4, 2010

So it Begins

I'll be honest. This is a blog dedicated to the transformation and feminization of a masculine male into the most feminine shemale that I can become. I'm not sure how I'm going to get there, where there even is, or why I really want to, all I know is that this is what I want. You're welcome to lurk, chat, browse, comment, and hopefully help me in this. I'll post a history of how I got to this point soon, but a big part of it is hypnosis. So if you are into hypnosis please contact me or if you have files that you could lend me I promise to listen to whatever files are sent my way. Please feel free to give any advice or instructions you see fit. I'll also post pics of how I was, how I am now, and how I hope to be in the future. Also if you feel so inclined I'd love you for ever you you helped me gather or purchase items to help in this process, no obligation though. Also if you have some hypno files and want to trade I have some I've purchased of have been purchased for me. Thanks eris soon 2B ts ;

...................2 years from now. Snap! "Wait. What happened? Last thing I remember I started that blog. Then..."