Monday, April 23, 2012

"Do I notice any changes? 
I don't know..." Eric turned and looked at his girlfriend. "You tell me." He proudly motioned to his swaying cock, which to her surprise had actually grown since he started the penis enlargement hypnosis that his Susan had mixed with subliminal feminization and amnesia tracks. 
He now mindlessly shaves his legs, plucks his eyebrows, and does his makeup each day after taking the pills he believes are part of the "penis enlargement" kit. His gynecomastia is coming along nicely however  she fantasied about when she could point this out and humiliate him, however she remembered the advice of Ms Bowers, "I recommend you wait until they are c-cups before un-triggering the amnesia hypno as he'll be too far along to go back to life as a male and become the shemale you've determined as his fate."
"O yeah after work I'm going hit the gym to swim a few laps."
"Do you think you should..."
"Honey you're not still jealous?" laughs "I told you we are just friends, and besides she'll be busy giving lessons--"
Susan held her tongue. Perhaps a swim in public would be perfect for him-- she hasn't seen him in a while and I wonder how long she'll keep fucking him when his breasts begin to bounce along with hers.
Susan smiled. "That's fine dear have a nice swim, why don't you take another dose of your pills on the way out." 

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